This filterbox exceeds the possibilities of a normal one by far. 4 LFOs and 2 filters (which can be used as high pass, low pass, band pass, band reject and "moog lowpass" types) which can act combined, seperated, or single. The LFOs can, besides the filters, modulate the volume, the overall panning, the panning of the effect, the panning of the individual filters or the amount of the overall effect, LFO 3 and 4 are additionally able to manipulate the amount of the first two LFOs.

Triplets and dotted notes are supported as well - Now you got the chance to use a banjo as a dubstep-bass !

In version 1.0 the "Free" knob of the LFO manipulated the signal, even when the "Amount" knob was turned all the way down, I fixed that. If you (for whatever reason) need version 1.0 you can still download it here.


Download v.1.1


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